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Xplorabox was built to change the definition of "fun" for children in this age of digital revolution because as a parent it is disheartening to see the digital devices luring our young kids by storm. Creative, unbridled play with numerous activities, impromptu picnics, board-games have been replaced by numerous mobile games in this digital era where unfortunately, kids are more savvy with mobile phones than their parents.

Xplorabox aims to make childhood "fun" again with activity-based toys with numerous developmental DIY activities that hone the motor and cognitive skills of the kids and also encourage their creativity, while enhancing their sensitivity towards their environment. Our radical approach to learning while having fun ensures that the kids adore their challenging environment that Xplorabox creates for them every month and thus raising a generation of clever, confident, and creative children.


  • Rishi Das Agarwal

    A dreamer, an entrepreneur, a corporate leader, an evangelist - Rishi wears many hats. In each and every role his passion and his dedication for each and every task inspires the whole team in the most remarkable way. Rishi wants to revolutionise the arena of educational activity boxes so that each and every child has the potential to achieve their greatest dreams in the most creative way.

  • Dhirendra Meena

    An IT whiz, he is the backbone behind our technological platform, which bridges the gap between fun and learning in the most seamless way. Dhirendra's eclectic experience brings to the table his characteristic vision, which makes him a force to be reckoned with.

  • Shweta Das

    A mother, creative personality and a multi tasker to the core! She is the brains behind all the creative activities, which lure the kids and ensure lots of fun. She also tests all the DIY products and the activities with the hardest customers - the kids. Needless to say, each and every activity is hallmarked with Shweta's wisdom and ensures "Learning Through Play."

  • Rishabh Gupta

    An insightful, intuitive and inspired presence make him the best person to manage finance and strategy at Xplorabox. A binding sense of duty towards his motherland led this IIM Calcutta graduate to chuck his safe investment banking job to manage Narendra Modi's campaign in 2014. And now, his dynamic and intrepid approach towards a healthier childhood for kids away from screens is the guiding factor in his life. Understandably, his perceptive vision and passion leads to quantifiable and out of the box results in the most cohesive manner!"


Our Awesome Team Working for You!

  • Sandeep Sharma (Senior Designer)
  • Neha Kanyal (Designer)
  • Garima Bohra (Designer)
  • Ankur Yadav (Business Development)
  • Tomaghno Sarkar (Customer Success Team)
  • Lavajit Singh (Customer Success Team)
  • Amir Khan (Procurement Officer)
  • Gulnar Kirmani (Order Processing)
  • Akanksha Agarwal (Order Processing)
  • Aishwarya Bhatt (Content Writing)
  • Vijeta Khoobchandani (Idea Conceptualization)
  • Md. Karim (Finance)
  • Yash Lotan (Technology)
  • Amit Kumar (Customer Service)
  • Lalita (Customer Service)
  • Priya Chaudhary (Customer Service)
  • Jitesh (Sales)
  • Dhiraj (Sales)
  • Anupama (Sales)

Kids Development Areas:


Kids are learning all the time, even when they are not consciously learning! Hence it is imperative to provide them with an environment at home, which intellectually stimulates their creativity and fosters their imagination.

At Xplorabox, we have taken the step towards activity-based education through toys, which are reasonably priced, handy and offer the exposition of creativity. The key purpose in producing these special toys is to sharpen the faculties of kids by spending quality time and to enhance learning in a purely non-competitive environment.

  • Creative & Exploring:

    The young turks would simply love to create and explore with the awesome xploraboxes, which are packed with numerous DIY activities.

  • Confidence:

    Confidence levels of the creative geniuses would increase as they complete the various exercises and activities on their own!

  • Play & Social Skills:

    Playing with their peers would help to enhance their social skills, which is a much-needed trait in the current trend of the minimalist nuclear families.

  • Academic:

    The Xploraboxes are designed in such a manner that the academic skills are also sharpened and the kids learn even outside the classroom!

  • Cognitive:

    The cognitive skills are strengthened with the scientifically designed Xploraboxes and age-appropriate activities.

  • Motor Skills:

    Xploraboxes are designed in such a radical way that almost all the DIY activities augment the motor skills of the tiny tots in a comprehensive and cohesive manner.


Why XploraBox!

Xplorabox enriches the childhood to a whole new level and the creativity of the kids’ soar to new heights!

  • Exploration

    Xplore the imaginative box, packed with awesome games and goodies!

  • Creativity

    Foster the creativity of your child to new heights with our scientifically designed games

  • Enhance Skills

    Enrich the cognitive, memory, motor, social and confidence skills of your little one!

  • Have Fun

    All Xploraboxes are shipped with the promise of “Awesome Fun” guaranteed.



  • Buy a subscription for your child, if you love them
  • We will deliver the activity boxes to your doorstep every month
  • Kids will explore and enjoy all the activities in the boxes for days on end!

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