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Want to Adopt a Child With Special Needs? Here is Xplorabox pledge!

More than 50 percent of children awaiting adoption in India fall into the ‘special needs’ category, but it is also the category with the least number of adoptions within India. One of the reasons for this gap is a lack of understanding of special needs and the adoption process. Slowly though, more people are becoming […]

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How to Handle the Sibling Fights?

Some fights are a fact of life. After all, children are still learning how to get along. When fighting does break out, the main thing is to stop the children before somebody gets hurt or goes too far. Then it’s time to help them deal with the issues in a constructive way. Four Steps for […]

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If Your Child is the Bully – What Can You Do?

When it comes to bullying behaviour, your child might be the one affected. Or – shocking as this might be – your child might be the one doing the bullying. Stepping in early is the key to helping your child learn how to get along with others. If your child’s behaviour includes pushing other children […]

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Different Ways to Teach Skills to Children

Sometimes children’s difficult behaviour happens because they can’t do what you expect of them. Children need to learn behaviour and other social skills, so teaching skills to children can be an important part of managing their behaviour. Parents Teaching Skills to Children You are your child’s first and most important teacher. Every day you’re helping […]

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Your Child’s Imaginary Friends

Imaginary friends grow out of healthy active imaginations. They give children a great way to express their feelings and a playmate to practise their social skills with. Two out of three children have imaginary friends, so it’s likely your child will bring one home at some stage. What Are Imaginary Friends? Imaginary friends are “pretend” […]

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Children Habits and Ways to Stop Them

Lots of children have habits like nail-biting and thumb-sucking. The good news is that most habits go away by themselves. But if you need to help your child break a habit, here are some practical steps to take. Habits are a behaviour that your child does over and over again, almost without thinking. Often our children’s […]

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“Bad” and “Good” Behaviour

From time to time, you will hear people saying to their children (and perhaps even to yours), “Be a good girl” or “Good boys don’t do that.” It is important to understand, however, that being good doesn’t mean very much to a 1-year-old. Right and wrong are abstract concepts that a child this age isn’t […]

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