10 Gestures Parents Should Do To Make Their Kid’s Day

There are some childhood memories that we always carry with ourselves throughout our lives; the ones that remind us what our childhood was like. Be it daily walks to the park, playing games like hide-and-seek with our friends or going for ‘kanchak’, these are the things we did that we always remember as a significant memory of our childhood.

We have brought to you a list of things that you, as parents, can do that will help you give your child the best childhood memories that they will cherish throughout their own lives, just like you did.

Remember that while parenting is challenging and filled with responsibilities that you weren’t ready for, it is also fun when you can bond easily with your child.

1. Surprise Treats!

Occasionally, slip a note or a candy or your kid’ favourite chocolate in her lunchbox.

2. Make your child a birthday card.

Handmade birthday cards are usually given to kids by their own friends. Become their friends by gifting them a birthday card that you made yourself.

3. Have new adventures:

Stay up late to see a full moon or Plan a road trip with family and show your kids how the sun sets and rises and how beautiful a 4 am sky looks. Adventures like road trips, camping and staying in touch with nature are just as important as anything else.

4. Do something that is off-limits.

Agree to do something that your child knows you’d never do- something fun that is otherwise off-limits.

5. Appreciate their gestures!

Thank your kid whenever they complete a chore by themselves and appreciate their gestures.

6. When you fight, make-up:

If you have a fight in front of your kid, make sure that your kid sees you guys make up as well. It is important that they see how issues are resolved, rather than just encountering the fights between their parents.

7. Unexpected amusement park trips

Surprise and spontaneous plans are something that kids never forget. So, make sure you plan an unplanned trip.

8. Make your own rituals at home

Make your own rituals at home like Pancake Fridays, Picnic Sundays, Dinner prayers, etc.

9. Learn an activity from your kid.

Adults are always taking charge of things and showing kids how to do things. It is important to show your kids that they are capable of achieving perfection at a skill or a task. Once you’ve learnt it, tell your kid what a good teacher they are.

10. Hang a whiteboard in your kitchen or fridge to leave notes.

Get your kids the habit of leaving notes whenever you aren’t going to be home or maybe some relative is coming and you want to ask them to clean their room by the time you get back from the market.

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