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20 Best Return Gift Ideas For Kid’s Birthday Parties

There is nothing more difficult than throwing your kid a birthday party. You as parents have to plan everything from invitations to the cake flavour to the kind of decoration that your kid would love. Another headache is deciding the return gift of the party since that is an integral part of an awesome birthday party. And you have to make sure you have return gifts for all age groups as well! So to solve at least one of the headaches for you, we have a list of 20 return gift ideas that you can give at your kid’s birthday party to make sure your kid’s birthday party is a memorable one.

1. Pen/Pencil Stands

Stationery gifts are the best as return gifts. They are not only affordable but useful to the kids as well.

2. Educational Activity Subscription Boxes

Educational Activity Subscription Boxes are not only a fun way to keep kids engaged but also a great way to improve their developmental skills. It’ll not only be a gift for the kids but also for the parents who need some ‘me’ time while their kids are safely engaged in activity boxes like Xplorabox.

3. Water Bottles

Bottles come in every kind of design now. Remember as kids when we were always competing for the coolest bottles in school with hidden straws, different shaped caps and what not? So, what’s better than making a bunch of kids famous in school by gifting them cool water bottles, right?

4. Travel Essentials

Go for trendy eye covers, pillows, neck support pillows and other more travel essentials as a return gift at your child’s birthday party.

5. Keychains

6. Photo Frame

Affordable, cute and something that every kid can have in their room.

7. Notebooks

No one says no to cute spiral notebooks. Kids love having a notebook with trendy colourful covers.

8. Lunch Box

Ever seen a kid say no to a lunch box that comes with candies in it? Give your kid’s friends a surprise by keeping some candies in their return gift lunch boxes.

9. Foldable sunglasses

Wait for their reaction till they figure out what these cute little foldable things are.

10. Kids' pouches

There's nothing that kids love more than having a variety of bags and pouches for school. Make your kid's party famous by gifting khadi bads or pouches as return gifts.

11. Bedroom Slipper

Something no kid expects to get at a birthday party but loves to have one always. Gift them comfortable bedroom slippers as a return gift.

12. Puzzles

13. Pocket/Miniature Games

There’s nothing cuter than having pocket games like chess, ludo, snake and ladder and many more fun games.

14. Coin Bank

Teach kids about the habit of saving coins and then, knowing the benefits of savings. It’s like having a tiny Santa give money to you on Christmas.

15. Fun magnets

Fun magnets are called fun magnets for a reason. Nothing trends more than a throwing-magnets-at-the-refrigerator game.

16. Kid’s wallet

If Coin Banks are not your thing, maybe these cute kid’s wallets will help.

17. Fancy pencil sharpeners

No better way to make a kid's stationery attractive than giving them a couple of fancy pencil sharpeners.

18. Clay Kits

19. Bubble toy gun

20. Coffee Mugs

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