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20 Fun Riddles To Ask Your Kids

Who doesn’t like solving riddles and asking others once you know all the right answer, right? Refresh your own childhood memories with your family with these fun riddles. See if your kid can answer these and tease your other family members who fail to guess the answers. Common but not so easy to guess riddles are all you need to have a fun time with your family. Enjoy asking these simple yet tricky 20 riddles to your kids and other family members and see how many they can guess the answers of.

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Answer 2: A towel

Answer 3: Because the batteries died.

Answer 4: Post Office

Answer 5: An egg

Answer 6: Because he is still living.

Answer 7: A teapot

Answer 8: All the month

Answer 9: The letter ‘m’

Answer 10: Silence

Answer 11: A palm

Answer 12: There is no smoke. It’s an electric train.

Answer 13: Our age

Answer 14: A table

Answer 15: No one. There is no banana because it’s a coconut tree.

Answer 16: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Answer 17: ‘Incorrectly’

Answer 18: ‘Short’

Answer 19: It’s Mary

Answer 20. Because they are always stuffed

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