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20 Return Gifts Below Rs 99/-

There is nothing more difficult than throwing your kid a birthday party. You as parents have to plan everything from invitations to the cake flavour to the kind of decoration that your kid would love while keeping in mind the budget of these things at the same time. Another headache is deciding the return gift of the party since that's what is the trendsetter of an awesome birthday party. You have to make sure you have return gifts that all the kids would love to have.

So to solve one of the headaches for you, we have a list of 20 return gift ideas under Rs 99/- that you can give at your kid's birthday party to make sure your kid’s birthday party is a memorable one.

1. Water ring game

2. Rubik’s Cube

3. Tic Tac Toe Game

4. Colouring Books

5. Exam Pads/Boards

This is something all kids fight for during exams. Give them their own exam pads.

6. Crayons, Sketch pens or Watercolours

7. Pop up story books

8. Stickers

9. Skipping Ropes

10. LED Bands

LED Bands are available online for Rs 49.

11. Comic Books

12. Toy binoculars

13. Tiny globes

14. Foldable water bottles

15. Toy cars

16. Glow in the dark stickers

17. Snow globes

18. Kids plates

19. Flute

20. Book shaped erasers

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