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5 Ways To Raise Kids That Are Not Addicted To Technology

Children under the age of 12 are generally hyperactive and need something to keep them occupied. Most of the parents are generally stressed or under a lot of pressure and therefore, prefer diverting their kid’s attention to gadgets and TV shows so that the kids are occupied while they get their own “me” time or just some time alone to work. However, this has led to a bigger problem now i.e. gadget or digital screen addiction in kids which is now leading to not only physical problems but also, endangering their emotional health.

To stop any electronic gadget addiction, you must introduce an alternative in your child’s life that should keep them occupied enough to not think about gadgets in the first place. While technology is inescapable, here are some of the things you can do to keep your child away from gadgets or digital screen:

1. Joining Social Activity Groups:

Get them registered for some learning activities/groups. For example Piano classes, karate classes, dancing classes, etc

2. Go out for some nice family time:

You should have a day fixed for a family outing so that your kids know the value of love, social relationships and family.

3. Let them socialize:

Allow your children to go out and play games with kids their age instead of letting them indulge entirely in indoor activities, sleeping all day or just staying at home.

4. Make indoor games & activities more fun and educational:

Get an education activity boxes subscription like Xplorabox that helps your kid enhance their developmental skills, increase their IQ and stay away from technology.

5. Get them the habit of reading:

Get them good story books so that once they get the habit of reading, they will be safely engaged in learning and reading for hours.

To enhance your kid’s creative and academic skills at the same time, try Xplorabox. Xplorabox is a monthly subscription-based activity box for kids containing skill-enhancing offline activities and games, which help in developing motor, cognitive, and social skills in children.