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20 Activities To Improve Your Child's Fine Motor Skills At Home

Fine motor skills are responsible for your smaller movements using hands, fingers, feet and toes. Some of the examples of fine motor skills include picking up things using fingers (like a pencil), doing puzzles, using tools or instruments, eating, brushing teeth, tying shoelaces, etc.

Improving your child's fine motor skills improves their hand coordination (and hand-eye coordination) and they learn to have a better grip, better handwriting because of better letter formation, match the dots in their cursive handwriting books and be able to do smaller but equally significant tasks with much more ease.

So, how to Improve your child's Fine Motor Skills? The best thing about improving your child's Fine Motor Skills is that you can do this absolutely any time. Remember the main task is also to get your kid to use both their hands to do tasks. Some of the activities that your child can do at home to improve their fine motor skills or the use of hands in simple language:

1. Clapping hands

You can play songs, videos or cartoons to encourage your kid to clap hands. Example: "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands" video.

2. Give them a sponge:

Squeezing a wet sponge will encourage muscle movements, cognitive skills and improve your kid's concentration. You can give them sponge to play with water or paint using a sponge or any other fun activity.

3. Help him build a tower:

Give your kids some towels or pillow to help him build a tower to improve his fine motor skills.

4. Puzzles:

Give your kid puzzles of four or more pieces to improve his hand and eye coordination.

5. Hide things in the sand:

Digging and gardening activities will allow your child to improve their cognitive skills and muscle movements by improving their grip.

6. Colouring Activity

Allow your child to have fun with crayons and nontoxic and washable sketch pens for colouring activities.

7. Chalk and board:

Other than thick crayons, you can also give colourful chalks to let your kid be more creative with the blackboard. They can make different shapes, alphabets, fruits, etc.

8. Fill the shapes:

Another fun activity to improve their fine motor skills is to give them "fill the correct shape in the right blanks" activity.

9. Paste things onto paper activity for kids. 10. Copying circles, crosses and triangles on paper.
11. Cutting out shapes:

Let your kid cut different shapes using safety scissors for kids. This activity will not only improve their fine motor skills but also their academic skills and keep them occupied for a long time.

12. Give them Legos

Building activities such as Legos will encourage them to have fun while learning how to do tasks with their hands.

13. Give them musical instruments like keyboard
14. Lacing, weaving and sewing activities:

This is the age for simple lacing, weaving and sewing activities to encourage their overall development.

15. Fun with finger painting:

Give your kids non-toxic paints for interactive painting activities, thumb painting, colouring activities, etc to strengthen your child’s manual dexterity.

16. Water-based games and simple activities

Give your child a cup filled with water, an extra empty cup and an eye dropper or maybe a syringe and let them be. Using small tools like a syringe and eye dropper will improve their fine motor skills, handwriting and help them to use their hands better.

For fun, you can also add different food colours to give them a variety.

17. Playing with buttons or gems. 18. Stickers activities:

Copy and paste stickers, match stickers and many more sticker activities are a brilliant way to improve your child's hand-eye coordination.

19. Beading games

Beading games with colourful marbles to let your child use their small fingers for a bit more complex tasks.

20. Balancing activities

Balancing activities will teach them better hand-eye coordination and improve their logical skills.

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