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Are you doing these 10 things as a parent?

Being a parent comes with millions of responsibilities on your shoulder. One has to be always on their toes to ensure correct parenting is being given to their child. With different sorts of concerns in mind, sometimes it becomes very tough for a parent to stay calm and composed at the same time. At the end of the day, a parent always thinks that whether they have done enough for their child or are still lacking in giving them a good environment for a better upbringing. Keeping all these points and concerns in mind, we have come up with this article that will serve as a guide list to parents to check the things they might be missing out on as a parent.

10 things that must be done for good parenting:

We have narrowed down top ten essential things that you should be doing as a parent.

1. Model and encourage good relationships

As a kid, your child world revolves around you and their immediate family and as a responsible parent, you should encourage and make sure that your child understands the value of each and every relationship around them. Though it is a little hard to execute, still it holds the value of making your child a good person. It also helps to improve the communication skills of your child as they will be more engaged in knowing and interacting with different people around them.

2.Praise them in a prompt manner

During their childhood years, your child needs your immense support in everything they do. this builds confidence and self- reliability in them. As a parent, it is essential for you to keep supporting and encouraging your child in a prompt manner. Make them understand the consequences of their actions and let them cultivate good habits. You must interact with them often to build that understanding and trust level and use appreciating words that can boost their inner confidence and help them get prepared for the challenges they will face as they grow up.

3.Support them in becoming resilient

No doubt, as a parent you always want to protect your child from the struggles and challenges of life. But to make sure that your child is capable of handling the downs of their life too, your duty is to make them resistant. This trait will help to shape their character in a better and progressive way. Incorporate the attitude to deal with their fears, shortcomings and make them capable of coming up with the best possible solution for problems. This could be done by ensuring them at every stage of life that no matter what happens with them, you will always have their back. Talk to your child, discuss the various possibilities and make them understand that you are always there with them.

4.Be patient

The best genuine gift as a parent that you can gift to your child is patience. Like everyone else, they will also make a lot of mistakes. Make sure, they learn from their mistakes rather than ignoring them. This could be possible only if you deal with their problems with a calm mindset and patience instead of yelling at them. As a good parent, you can help them understand where they went wrong and how they can rectify it. This will ensure that your child will never hesitate in discussing their problems with you and will always confide in you. Make it a habit to start a healthy conversation with a moral lesson with your child and try to be precise when it comes to answering any of their questions. This will help them express themselves in a better way.

5. Give the right opportunities

If you wish to make your child responsible in their life, their guidance starts from you. As a parent, are you giving your child enough opportunities to explore their capabilities? If not, then it is the right time to offer them the right opportunities in both personal as well as professional life to ensure that they become the best version of themselves. You can also teach your child different skills as per their talent.

6. Provide freedom with an eye

In their growing age, your child needs a good amount of freedom to explore their life in their own way. As a dutiful parent, you should respect their decisions and make them explore the outer world. A precise amount of freedom with an eye on their actions will serve the purpose of maintaining their privacy, respecting their decisions along with checking their actions at the same time.

7. Show respect

Many of us as parents fail in giving the child respect It is one of the important aspects as a parent that should be always kept in mind while ensuring good parenting for your child. It is your responsibility as a parent to make your child understand how to behave in a dignified and respectful manner.

8. Develop social skills

We live in a society where every individual’s presence matters. In many of the cases, the child often fails to address the society in a right manner. As a responsible parent, encourage your child to develop social skills and stay connected with the people around them. Encourage them to have conversations and connect with people so that they can improve their communication skills and become confident to express their views in front of the world.

9.Introduce educational activities in their lives

Every parent wishes to make their child perform better in their academics. Nowadays there are many of the activities that help a child to learn new educational concepts in a more innovative manner. For example, Xplorabox is one of the efficient educational toolboxes that helps your child to discover new concepts of science in an innovative and fun way.

10. Spend time with your child and follow the 3 “F”s

In their growing age, your child needs your presence. It is substantial to spend a good quality time with your child and listen to their doubts, concerns and ideas about the surroundings. this encourages them to be a better person. You need to follow the three “F”s precisely as a good parent. You should sound firm, fair and at the same time friendly with your child to make sure he understands your point of view and values it.

Consequences of a good parenting lie in building a good and bright future for your child. By simply following the above-discussed parenting skills, you could lead a good parenting to your child.

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Saniya Virani is a writer and a digital marketing enthusiast from Mumbai. She recently started to write after completing her college.