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An average Kid today Spends 32 Hours in front of the screen: A common Habit or Something More?

With the advancement of technology, it is becoming increasingly difficult for parents to do the task of “parenting” right. While the doctors struggle to estimate the time that growing children should be allowed to spend in front of a TV, Mobile or laptop screen, parents are facing difficulty in limiting the role that technology plays in their kid’s life.

With kids under the age of 10 (some as young as 2) spending hours in front of the TV, using mobile devices for 4-5 hours a day or getting addicted to video games, parents are forced to deal with the way their kids react when they try to limit the role of technology in their lives.

According to a recent study, Indian children spend a minimum of 32 hours per week in front of a digital screen. The issue is not only related to the physical and mental development that is being hampered but also the behaviour of these kids on being deprived of these digital devices.

Some parents complain that when they take away their kid’s mobile phones or iPod, their kids show extreme anger and rude behaviour; while some kids under the age of 8 use verbal abuses, others start to express violence and start throwing things.

According to series of recent studies conducted by California State University, video games are as addictive as drugs and alcohol.

While parents are doing their best to protect their kids from adult content or learning behaviour that they see on digital screens like YouTube, website advertisements, pop-ups etc, it becomes almost impossible for them to prevent their kids from catching up unsophisticated phrases and behaviour from TV, songs, Hindi dubbed cartoons like Shin Chan, Doraemon and others that are not constructive in any way.

According to a WEF report, today’s kids are becoming prone to online threats and getting cyber-bullied.

Cheryl Martin, MD Head of Industries and Member of the Managing Board at the WEF said, “Today’s youth make up an important part of our informed society, they will be tomorrow’s voters and our future leaders. Ensuring they are better equipped to face the challenges of hyper-connected life, earlier on, should be a societal priority,”.

In order to prevent your kids from these addictions and the danger that can hamper their growth and development, social skills and other developmental skills, it is important to provide them with a better substitute for mobile and other electronic gadgets.

Activity-based learning, such as Xplorabox, has proven to be one of the ideal alternatives that have verifiably demonstrated an enhancement in developmental skills, General knowledge and IQ of children.

Educational activity boxes like Xplorabox that come with engaging puzzles, interesting activity building games, fun and challenging tasks, and educational worksheets for kids under the age of 8 are the best to not only limit the use of technology in your kid’s life but also, to help them give a head start in their developmental curve; to develop a smarter and quicker brain than other kids by enhancing their skills, behaviour and relationship with their parents.

Since it is a (quarterly, half-yearly and annual) subscription box, it also adds a surprise element for the kids and the parents that eagerly wait for the next theme based Xplorabox to arrive at their doorsteps. Having so many activities, games and puzzles every month give your kid enough time to play every activity and try out every puzzle.

Additionally, our downloadable educational worksheets allow them to practice, learn and play for hours on paper. It helps them exercise their brain and improve their handwriting, movements and thinking ability.

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