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How Your Parenting Style Is Affecting Your Kids

In the previous article, we talked about the four different parenting styles. Now, we'll share how those four different parenting styles affect the kids and shape their lives.

The way you treat your kids and control their lives plays a crucial role in forming their personality and their development. Each parenting style affects children differently. Let’s read how.


If you are an Authoritarian Parents, as mentioned in the previous article, are more controlling and aggressive in implementing rules in their child's life. A kid with authoritarian parents will always have a low esteem and low self-confidence because they would always be seeking approval from their strict parents. They will also connect approval with love and on being denied, would feel rejected by them. Since Authoritarian parents find it difficult to express their love because they see it as a leniency or weakness, their child would also find it difficult to express emotions such as love. They will have difficulty in forming social relationships and hence, will not have good communication skills or even leadership skills. Moreover, the child will try to break away from their parents by the only means they know, rebelling or misbehaving. The kids of authoritarian parents themselves end up being authoritarian parents.


Children of uninvolved parents often have difficulty trusting people which is why they have problems making friends, socializing and later, with intimacy. Since their Uninvolved parents never fulfil their responsibilities as parents, they as kids are forced to deal with bigger issues at an early age. They are forced to grow up and take care of their own needs, and hence get deprived of little joys in life. They also have behavioural problems because they have known fewer to no boundaries and hence, are difficult to control.


Kids of permissive parents receive a lot of warmth and love from their parents and hence, they always feel entitled. Since they have known no boundaries and are not restricted, they are really difficult to be disciplined. They also lack commitment, responsibility and self-discipline required to have social relationships. However, they turn out to be more creative and go into creative fields they have the freedom to.


As mentioned in the previous article, Authoritative parenting style is the best and most optimal parenting style and hence, the kids who have Authoritative parents are confident and feel secure as well. They are responsibile, disciplined and have good communication skills because their parents are strict when they need to be and loving/expressive at other times. They have healthy relationships and lead a good normal life.

How your child turns out is your responsibility. Don’t neglect their needs and don’t use physical force to make them listen to you. It’s important to show your kids how much you love them and they are special. Most importantly, teach them that they need to work for things in life.