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Top 8 Amusing Indoor Party Games For Kids

It is a hectic job being a parent and you realize it when you have a bunch of kids in a room who are super active and need something to keep them entertained. Don’t worry we’ve got your back. Here is a list of fun engaging games that you can organize for your kid’s party.

Be it a birthday party, a get together for your little ones or guests coming over with families, these easy to organize party games will keep them occupied throughout. You can even organize more than one game with just a little planning.

The most important thing is to have a reward for games that take some time so that the kids are motivated to play and win. After all, who doesn’t like rewards like chocolates?

1. Bubble Wrap Race

Spread a large bubble wrap sheet on the floor. The game is to cross the bubble wrap without making any noise. Whosoever doesn’t pop any bubble and reaches the end wins the race.

2. Treasure Hunt

A classic that never gets boring for kids of any age and even adults. The kids find the treasure using the hidden hints at different places. The hints can be riddles, fill in the blanks or picture hints.

3. Sleeping Lions

If the crowd is getting out of your hands, this is the game for you. All the kids have to lie on the floor motionless while the adults in the room crack jokes and try to make them move without touching. Any kid who laughs, wiggles or moves a bit gets out and the winner is the one who remains motionless for the longest time. Don’t forget to reward the winner with something big.

4. Pin The Tail on the Donkey:

Really easy to make and fun to play, the game is to simply pin the tail on the donkey while you’re blindfolded. It’s fun for others as well as they watch the player pin the tail to funny places.

5. Musical Chairs

Another classic game that is always amusing to play. All you need are a couple of chairs, some music, and super excited kids. The game is when the music is being played, everyone circles around the chairs that are kept in a line of a circle. When the music stops, everyone has to grab the nearest chair and whosoever doesn’t, gets out. Take out one chair after every turn and in the end, the competition is between 2 kids. That’s usually the moment everyone waits for.

6. Musical Statues:

Another fun game to play when the party is getting boring and you need a bit of music but don’t want the crowd to go crazy. Play the kid’s favourite song and let them dance on the tunes. Stop the music suddenly and everyone will go freeze. Anyone who moves first loses the game and is out. Again, don’t forget to reward the winner!

7. How low can you go?

This is another game that every kid in the party can give a try and never stop until they actually win it. The object of the game is to pass under the stick by bending backwards without touching the stick or falling, while two people hold it still. With each round, the stick keeps getting lower and lower. Whosoever goes the lowest without falling or touching the stick wins the game. There can be more than one winner. The game goes on until the stick is too low for anyone to pass underneath.

8. Photo Booth

A Photobooth is not only easy and fun to organize but also ends up giving you a thousand memories in pictures for everyone at the party. Hang a shiny/glittering sheet or just a plain background or couple of pictureless frames, keep some retro/trendy props and then all you need is a camera. Let the kids and the adults enjoy posing with their favourite props.

If you’re confused about what reward you should give to the winners, we have a solution for that as well. Try Educational Activity Box like Xplorabox that comes with multiple activities and worksheets to help enhance your kid’s developmental and social skills while they have fun.

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