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Anu Kerala

Mother of Aryan talks how Xplorabox helped her child by introducing him to new themes every month which not only are fun for him but also keep him engaged for days. It is a complete value for money with 5 activities in each box

Tanya Bengaluru

Tried Xplorabox and drastically cut down the TV time of her kids, for her Xplorabox was a 'god send', that not only constructively engaged her children but also improved their developmental skills.

Rani Lotan Jaipur

Really happy that my 7 year old son Jivitesh is fond of Xplorabox educational activity boxes and he loves playing with these activities instead of watching TV.

Jini Gauranshi Delhi

Unboxing Happiness, Unboxing Xplorabox Ocean Explorer- Father and Daughter spending quality time and having learning with Fun.

Satya Chennai

One of her friend recommended Xplorabox & after trying she discovered the immense benefits of Xplorabox in keeping her child constructively engaged, improving her developmental skills & providing lots of fun!

Mr Amit Kota

Tried Xplorabox for his twins and found it to be very beneficial for them. He liked the concept that Xplorabox merged the concept of education with Fun games & activities, that keep his children engaged for many days.

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My daughter, Aadhya, loved exploring the Xplorabox! It is a hit with our entire family. It has given us all an opportunity to sit and spend some time together. It is also enhancing my daughter's numbering and motor skills. Also she loved making the puzzle.!!

Vishi Prakash

Khush was fond of playing with mobile and watching TV. Xplorabox has changed this by providing key motor skills and games with feel which has helped Khush to calm down and helped us to re-live our childhood where we used to play with physical things and not virtual ones. Reduced exposure to screens also means protection of his three-year-old, tender eyes. I and Uarvi are very happy and await Xplorabox as eagerly as Khush every month

Uarvi Khanjan

Thanks for coming up with such nice boxes. Through candy shop activity he could learn counting in play way method and really had a great fun time. The magnetic shapes build activity helped him in enhancing his creativity and it was really a great activity which helped me in introducing the concept of magnetism and how things can be created from different shapes.

Smruti Patnaik

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Al Things Beautiful

“What a fun box! All the items are made of high quality and kid friendly material like foam and thick paper- it's great value for money.”

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Being Mumma

“The XploraBox is an amazing activity box (for kids from 2 years to 8+ years of age) that is full of DIY activities for your child that encourage development and can keep your child engaged in play for hours.”

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Sangeetha Menon

“My kid n her friends are really engaged in the activities from the XploraBox. Seeing the excitement level and enthusiasm of these kids, I STRONGLY recommend these activity”

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“I know most of you must be anxious as the holidays are nearing, and some of you might be busy collecting activity materials for your kids. XploraBox is an interesting educative monthly subscription, activity box for your kids.”

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The Health Site

“XploraBox will definitely keep your child occupied. And in a parent's books, that means it is an amazing product!”

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Shilpa Singh

“Enter into the Pre historic era with your kid through this amazing Box full of hands on activities. The Dino themed activity-based education toy box includes 4-5 games for the kid with which he can be busy for days.”