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Want to make your child smarter?

85% brain development happens in the first 8 years. Is your child fulfilling their potential?

Want to keep your child away from TV/Mobile screen addiction?

Want to enhance your child's GK & IQ through innovative activities and themes every month?

Wish to engage your child in healthy activities while getting some 'Me' time for yourself?

How it Works


Buy 3/6/12 Months Subscription for your child

Every month, a new theme based box with 5 Fun Learning Physical Activities will be delivered at your home.

Your child will be happily engaged in activities throughout the month, and stay away from TV/Mobiles.

Every month your child will Play & Explore different themes, that enhances 13 Developmental skills, making them smarter and sharper.

Ages 2-4

We are excited to bring Jungle Safari for your little munchkins


upcoming xPLORAboxes

  • March 2021 Fun With Transports
  • April 2021 Junior Designer
  • May 2021 My Little Farm
  • June 2021 Bird Explorer
  • July 2021 Fun with Shapes and Colours
You will never get repeat themes if you place order using the same e-mail address

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Each subscription includes activity boxes which will ship to you monthly.

    3 Months subscription

    Per Box 1199 899

    You Pay 3597 2697

    6 Months subscription

    Per Box 1199 749

    You Pay 7194 4494

    12 Months subscription

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Get 50% OFF
Premium Access to Xplorabox App


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Each Xplorabox is filled with loads of games and activities that will introduce your child to Experiential Learning and keep your child engaged for days while learning about a new theme every month. Each subscription is designed to deliver not only knowledge enhancement through different themes, but also development across 13 essential developmental skills through various activities targeted at each of these skills. You will receive one Xplorabox each month delivered right at your doorstep. Additionally, you will also get 20 worksheets (10 based on the theme of the box and 10 educational worksheets) in your inbox which you can provide to your child and engage them further for hours. What’s more, you get fabulous discounts of up to 50% by taking a subscription rather than a single box. Happy Learning Through Play!

Each Xplorabox is based on a different theme, contains 5 engaging, age appropriate activities like model building, puzzles, art & craft, board games etc and targets 7-8 different developmental skills. Most of our activities are replayable which means your child can play and learn with these activities throughout the month and by the time your child gets done with one box, it will be time to receive the next month’s box. Your child would be eagerly looking forward to a new box each month! 

Xplorabox are designed according to age categories and the aim is that children should be able to play by themselves providing some ‘Me’ time to the parents. However, depending on the child, a parent’s involvement may be required to the extent of explaining the concept and the activity to the child. Still, all activities are supposed to be done by the child by themselves without taking the parents’ help.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription any time. Even though it would make us sad , you can cancel the subscription by dropping an email to We will refund the balance amount to your account within 7 working days after deducting for the cost of delivered boxes at the rate of Rs 1150/box (for cancellation after 1st box) or Rs 800/box (2nd box onwards).

We do not offer a trial box but you can buy a 3-month subscription according to your child’s age category and take a decision about continuing or discontinuing the subscription after you have received and your child has played with the first box. In case, you decide to discontinue your subscription, we will only charge you for a single box (Rs 900) and refund the remaining amount to your account within 7 working days. However, we would strongly recommend you to complete at least a 3 month subscription as your child would get o experience different themes and different activities in each box enabling them to take full advantage of the products.

We will dispatch your first box within 48 hours of receiving the order and the delivery is usually completed within 5 business days to most parts of India.

We aim to deliver subsequent boxes around one month apart from each other as it gives enough time for the children to explore and enjoy all the activities of each box thoroughly. So you expect to receive your 2 nd , 3 rd and subsequent boxes around one month, we dispatch the box on the same Day your order was placed. In case you want your box early kindly call us at 9818336734 or email us at and we will take the necessary precaution for your next delivery.

Yes, Shipping is absolutely free. We deliver free of charge all over India.

Yes, Cash on Delivery option is available. You will be asked to pay the total amount of your subscription at the time of the delivery of 1st box. You will continue to receive an Xplorabox each month according to your subscription and you do not have to pay anything after the first delivery.

Yes, you can change the age group ONCE in the middle of the subscription. There is no extra charge for the same. However, we request you to write to us on as soon as possible after you make such a decision because if the next box has been dispatched but not yet received by you, we will not be able to recall or replace it with another box from different age group.

Yes, you can change the address in the middle of the subscription. There is no extra charge for the same. However, we request you to write to us on as soon as possible after you make such a decision because if the next box has been dispatched but not yet received by you, we will not be able to recall or replace it with another box.

All our themes are carefully designed with inputs from parents as well as experts. Despite this, if any of our themes gets negative feedback, we discontinue that. Therefore, once a box is delivered, we cannot replace or refund the amount for that. However, you can check all our upcoming themes on our website, and if there is any theme you do not want, you can tell that to us in advance and we will try to either replace it with a different theme (depending on availability) or skip that month’s box and deliver an extra box at the end of your subscription.

Please call us immediately and let us know about the same. We will try to replace the box or the damaged parts depending on availability.

If you still have queries that are not addressed here, please feel free to write to us at or call us at 9818336734 and we will be glad to assist you with whatever is on your mind.