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  1. “I bought their 3 month subscription for my daughter, received Farm box as the first one, she really loved it, there were so many activities and games, best thing is it required minimal intervention from our side and with so many games it was real fun. A big thumbs up to Xplorabox !! ”

    - Siddharth Rating:
  2. “Bought the Space Adventure Box, it was real fun my kids enjoyed the multi Activity board and Assembling Alien astronauts the most. With the toy, ball game and story book my kids learned a lot about space while playing. Going to keep the Multi Activity board for future reference as well.”

    - Ambika Sood Rating:
  3. “Bought Pre Historic box at an event in Delhi. Really impressed with the various games and activities they have. The Activity boxes by Xplorabox are the best available out there. 4-5 grt activities in each box is a real value for money.”

    - Rekha Menon Rating:
  4. “I know most of you must be anxious as the holidays are nearing, and some of you might be busy collecting activity materials for your kids. XploraBox is an interesting educative monthly subscription, activity box for your kids.”

    - Rating:
  5. “Enter into the Pre historic era with your kid through this amazing Box full of hands on activities. The Dino themed activity-based education toy box includes 4-5 games for the kid with which he can be busy for days.”

    - Shilpa Singh Rating:
  6. “My kid n her friends are really engaged in the activities from the XploraBox.. Currently reviewing this and the review would be up on the blog soon.

    Seeing the excitement level and enthusiasm of these kids, I STRONGLY recommend these activity”

    - Sangeetha Menon Rating:
  7. “XploraBox will definitely keep your child occupied. And in a parent's books, that means it is an amazing product!”

    - The Health Site Rating:
  8. “The XploraBox is an amazing activity box (for kids from 2 years to 8+ years of age) that is full of DIY activities for your child that encourage development and can keep your child engaged in play for hours.”

    - Rating:
  9. “What a fun box! All the items are made of high quality and kid friendly material like foam and thick paper- it's great value for money.”

    - Althingsbeautiful Rating:

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